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Wings Over Water, by Kathy Moser

Recovery musician and songwriter Kathy Moser travels around the country to explore the creative side of recovery. Through visits with artists, writers, performers, poets and other creative recoverees, she proves that you don’t need drugs to create incredible art.

Saving Lives with COA Director of Interventions, Tom Rednick Clark... 9-10 p.m. Thursdays

Recovery is possible! In this show, COA’s volunteers, interventionists and recoverees share laughs, tears and war stories.

For free help with an addiction, click here to contact City of Angels NJ, Inc. 

Journey thru the 12 Steps with the Life Recovery Bible... 5-6 p.m. Sundays

Christian Life Prison & Recovery Ministries (CLPRM) helps addicts recover
spiritually with lessons from the Life Recovery Bible, testimonials from recoverees and uplifting music.

Hope Fiend with Rich Mollica

Recoveree and minister Rich Mollica delves into the traumas and anguish that often accompany addiction with amazing stories of hope and redemption.

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