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COA Recovery Radio (COARR) is the world’s first and only radio station that plays original recovery talk all day, every day. It first went on the air in May 2013, and has quickly grown to more than a dozen shows that focus on virtually every aspect of recovery from addiction.

COARR shows explore the impact of addiction on relationships and family life. They delve into the underlying traumas causing addictive behavior and as well as the emotional issues that often arise in recovery. Some COARR shows focus on associated issues such as self-injury and childhood sexual abuse. All present tools and resources to strengthen recovery including wellness practices, spiritual programs and creative outlets. Our hosts and their guests are as diverse as the recovery community itself and include therapists, surfers, yoga instructors, physicians, social workers, spiritual leaders, aromatherapists, bikers, politicians, prosecutors, prostitutes, poets, performers, athletes, career counselors, artists, authors, comedians, moms, dads, children and maybe even your next door neighbor!

The wisdom in these shows isn’t just for recoverees, though. These folks have learned some powerful life lessons that can benefit anyone, anywhere. They have not just endured pain & suffering – they have come out the other side, and are freely sharing what they’ve learned. Some of these shows will make you laugh, others will make you cry and many will make you think.

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